Screen Replacement Shop in Durango

Cell Phone Screen Replacements Services in Durango

Chances are you've cracked your cell phone screen at some point during your life. At Tech-Nichol, we've been there too and we know how annoying it can be to live with a damaged cell phone screen. We replace screens for most major cell phone brands, including: 

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Motorola

If you don't see your brand of phone on this list, or have a tablet or other device you are curious about, please contact us for a quote! 

Screen Protector Installation

All of our cell phone screen replacement services come with a screen protector installation. This will help keep your phone screen from being damaged again, and does add a limited amount of water resistance (see disclaimer).

If you just bought a new phone, or have decided that you need to add a screen protector to your current phone before you need to repair it, come on in for a low cost professional installation.

The most common repair among phones and the most troublesome...

A cracked screen can be something of a minor inconvenience for some people, a hairline fracture barely noticeable unless the device is angled just right.

Sometimes, the damage to your screen could just be a little troublesome as most small cracks are. As these become worse, small shards of glass could fall out and cut the user if they are not too careful.

Other times, it can be devastating. Rendering the device completely and utterly useless with lines running up and down the screen.

In either the 2nd or the 3rd case, getting your screen replaced is important both for your safety and for the functionality of your phone!

No matter the damage, we can fix it all.

Tech-Nichol Prides itself on our screen replacements, insuring a quality repair from start to finish.

We clean all surfaces of the device before installing a new adhesive layer between the device and the screen. This is the only way to make sure our repairs are of the highest quality and will deliver a 'like-new' device to you after we are done.

To finish the repair, we finish each job by adding a free screen protector (this provides limited water resistance, if you have more questions about water resistance with your repair, please see the "Disclaimers" page at the bottom of the website).

The Tech-Nichol Guarantee:

Tech-Nichol wants to be your one stop shop for all things phone repair, so all of our work is backed up by our quality guarantee:

  • All repairs are checked for functionality before leaving the store.
  • All repairs include a 3 month subscription for Tech-Care™
  • Any returns are accepted so long as the installed part arrives physically undamaged, please see "Returns" at the bottom of our website.