Data Transferring Shop in Durango

Cell Phone Data Transfer Services in Durango

We keep a LOT of information on our phones and it's not uncommon to need to transfer it to a different device. Common instances where you might need to transfer data arise when:

  • You get a new phone
  • You want a backup in case your phone gets damaged or lost
  • Your phone breaks

This is an important process and many of our customers don't want to try to do this themselves. To help, Tech-Nichol offers a professional data transfer service to make sure your information is safe.

What is the "Cloud"? do we know how it works?

Most data is either kept on a solid state hard drive or "in the cloud". The cloud is a great option, but it is always safe to have a physical backup of your important data. Tech-Nichol can help you transfer whatever you desire from a device to a physical hard drive.

What if I cant access my data, or my device is not working and I need what's on it?

Tech-Nichol is specialized with most high level data recovery repairs, including liquid damage and extreme physical damage. We can not guarantee that every attempt will be successful but that doesn't stop us from trying every option possible. Each case is different when trying data transfers and data recovery, so come in and talk to us about your options and how we can help.

The Tech-Nichol Guarantee:

While data recovery can be tricky, data transfers are covered under our normal guarantee.

  • All repairs are checked for functionality before leaving the store.
  • All repairs include a 3 month subscription for Tech-Care™
  • Any returns are accepted so long as the installed part arrives physically undamaged, please see "Returns" at the bottom of our website.