Charge Port Repair Shop in Durango

Cell Phone Charge Port Repair Services in Durango

If you often can't connect to a charger chances are that your charging port is clogged or damaged.

It is common for cell phone ports to pick up lint, debris and gunk from pockets, purses, and normal wear and tear. In some situations, we can remove debris that collects inside the charging port free of charge.

Charging Port Replacements

In other cases we will need to replace the port entirely. Charging ports on cell phones have points of connectivity that are easily damaged. If this has happened you don't need a new phone, a new charging port is significantly cheaper.

If that's the situation, Tech-Nichol stocks most brands charging ports in house and can replace most charging ports in an hour.

Other Causes of Charging Port Problems

The most common problems with charging your phone actually do not come from the charging port. Before you replace your port, try these things:

  • Update your software
  • Charging Cable might be old or worn out, try a different one
  • Wall Adapter is broken
  • Phone Battery is dead

If you need a new phone battery, we can help with that as well, but the other three problems are usually simple or cheap fixes! 

The Tech-Nichol Guarantee:

Tech-Nichol stands behind our work with our three part guarantee:

  • All repairs are checked for functionality before leaving the store.
  • All repairs include a 3 month subscription for Tech-Care™
  • Any returns are accepted so long as the installed part arrives physically undamaged, please see "Returns" at the bottom of our website.