Phone Camera Replacement Shop in Durango

Cell Phone Camera Replacement or Repair Services in Durango

Making sure your camera can capture that moment is what we are all about! For many of us, the camera is the most used part of our phone and it's vital that it's working!

If your camera isn't working then bring it in to be repaired! If your cell phone needs a new camera all together we can do that as well. We carry camera replacements for most Smartphones in stock and can have that repair done in less than an hour.

Phones Cameras We Service

At Tech-Nichol, we are able to work on most major phones in the industry. Below is a short list of the brands of cell phone cameras that we repair or replace:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Motorola

Troubleshooting Cell Camera Problems

Before bringing your phone in, there are a few common problems that occur with cell phones that you can do at home to potentially fix the problem.

The first thing to do is make sure you don't have a software update that needs to be done. It isn't uncommon to see a software update to fix different problems on a phone that the manufacturer is aware of. Also, if you installed any new software or apps before the camera problems occurred, try deleting them and restarting your phone to fix the problem.

The next thing is to make sure your sim card and/or memory card is installed correctly. Both of these can be jarred out of place if you drop your phone or are hard on it. Take the cards out and re-insert it carefully, making sure it's sitting in the housing correctly.

Finally, you can perform a soft reset on your phone to fix some issues related to software. Remove the battery from your phone while it's still on and wait at least a minute before replacing it. Replace the battery, turn the phone on and then attempt to use the camera.

The Tech-Nichol Guarantee:

At Tech-Nichol we want you to leave with a working phone and happy with our service. Our cell phone camera service comes with our service guarantee:

  • All repairs are checked for functionality before leaving the store.
  • All repairs include a 3 month subscription for Tech-Care™
  • Any returns are accepted so long as the installed part arrives physically undamaged, please see "Returns" at the bottom of our website.