Motherboard Repair Shop in Durango

Cell Phone Motherboard Repair Services in Durango

Maybe you know what a motherboard is, or maybe you have no idea what makes your device "work".

The mother board is basically the brain of your device. As you can imagine, a problem with the brain of your phone is a big problem.

Either way, we know how to do the equivalent of "Brain Surgery" on most devices.

When a device wont turn on, and its not related to a common part (those being the display, battery, and charging port), the device most likely has a issue with its circuitry on the motherboard.

Tech-Nichol is highly experienced with Motherboard level repairs and can attempt to diagnose the issue and even repair the problem in house.

The only catch being that some issues can be unfixable and require a CPU transfer (brain transplant of sorts).

Can A Cell Phone Motherboard be Repaired?

Most shops do not repair motherboards because these repairs often require micro soldering technology and experience. The tools and techniques needed to perform "brain surgery" is not common in cell phone shops.

We have the experience, training, and tools to perform cell phone motherboard repairs. These repairs are delicate and easy to mess up, so don't just take your phone anywhere. Bring your phone into your local Tech-Nichol shop and let us repair your phone! 

The Tech-Nichol Guarantee:

As with all of our services, our cell phone motherboard repairs and replacements are backed by the Tech-Nichol guarantee:

  • All repairs are checked for functionality before leaving the store.
  • All repairs include a 3 month subscription for Tech-Care™
  • Any returns are accepted so long as the installed part arrives physically undamaged, please see "Returns" at the bottom of our website.