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1. Tech-Nichol, its affiliates, and employees are not responsible for any damages, internal or external, that occurred prior to, and after the device is serviced, or enters the possession or property of Tech-Nichol or its affiliates. It is the customer's responsibility to inform Tech-Nichol and any employees of such issues, so that they can properly repair the device as well as diagnose problems properly. If any repairs had already been made to the device that could not be reversed, the customer is still responsible for those repairs. If the device is left for over 15 days without notification from the customer, they will be considered abandoned and become property of Tech-Nichol. Tech-Nichol agrees not to sell your personal information.

2. Devices that enter the possession of Tech-Nichol, that CAN NOT be tested due to unresponsive behavior, or that can’t be turned on to be tested, will be considered damaged upon entry and Tech-Nichol will assume no liability of the condition when it enters the possession, and/or leaves the possession of Tech-Nichol. This condition will remain true for devices that have been severely damaged or show signs of liquid exposure when entering the possession of Tech-Nichol or its affiliates.

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