Tech-Care™ Warranty Information.

Tech-Care Warranty covers any non physical damages or malfunctions with parts installed by Tech-Nichol: Device Repair. This warranty is not given if a customer provides their own parts. This Warranty is not honored if the device or part is exposed to liquids of any kind post repair. If a device arrives with liquid damage and Tech-Nichol parts are installed to the device, your Tech-Nician will provide you with the extent of your Tech-Care™ warranty, in this situation Tech-Nichol assumes the right to reduce, or extend, or negate a Tech-Care™ Warranty to a repair at the time of post repair inspection.

Liquid Resistance after a repair

Tech-Nichol: Device repair does not guarantee any liquid resistance with any devices post repair. Tech-Nichol may apply a adhesive layer with your device that can help with, but not guarantee water resistance. It is the intention of Tech-Nichol: Device Repair to highly recommend caution with a repaired device around liquids of any kind and not to submerge a phone for any reason.

Free Screen Protectors

Tech-Nichol: Device Repair will provide a free screen protector with any screen replacement for a smart phone, this offer does not apply for tablets, computers, or any other kind of device that is not a smart phone. If for any reason, Tech-Nichol is unable to provide a screen protector, the customer may request a discount for the inconvenience. Tech-Nichol tries its best to keep free screen protectors in stock for most phones.