From the begining...

The First Repair that Changed My Life

It's fair to say that different generations experience different opportunities. Our ancestors– even our parents would be baffled by the technology that we have today and that its only going to get better over time. As a kid, you where lucky to be able to play with such high tech devices at a young age. That is, if you where lucky enough to have parents to buy these high tech devices for you.

I was not one of those kids

My parents weren't the type to give me a smartphone in primary-school. Now-a-days kids have an iPhone "X" and VR (Virtual Reality) goggles to immerse themselves into a universe of creativity and imagination- things I would have wanted so bad had it been accessible to me. My time was better spent on a Game-Boy Advanced, playing Pokemon and Tetris during car rides to and from school. That all changed when one day, in my first year of high-school, an AT&T store representative convinced my father to get each member of the family an iPhone 5S. My time on the Game-Boy instantly evaporated once this new device entered my life. It was nice, when it stayed dried...

One summer day, I decided to take my phone with me down the Animas River. I was told that putting my phone in two Zip-Lock bags would stop water from reaching it. Much to my surprise, I believed this and ended up paying for the decision. My phone was sitting in three inches of water when I pulled it out from the bags. One second it was on and I could see my navigation menu, the next second it blacked out and wouldn't respond to ANYTHING!

My options were simple

Option 1: Tell my parents of my mistake, ask my parents for forgiveness, and possibly be grounded while waiting for another phone (this was the right thing to do).


Option 2: Somehow, get myself out of this situation, not tell my parents about what happened, thus, not be grounded, and still have a working phone (this was the option I chose).

More Coming Soon!